Pentru vizitatori

For visitors

Dear visitors!

The exhibition industry is an industry for people. Exhibitions provide a unique opportunity to meet and establish personal, face to face contacts. Exhibitions bring people together, offering them space and possibilities for communication, training and demonstration of products and services.

Visit our exhibitions!

The entrance to the exhibition will be possible with:

  • Official invitations;
  • Electronic tickets;
  • Paid tickets.

Visitors’ registration

- On-line registration on the exhibition site:

  • fill the registration form
  • get your personal ticket and print it
  • display your ticket at the entrance to the pavilion

- Registration at the pavilion entrance:

  • buy the entry ticket
  • fill the visitor’s registration form in the registration area

Filling out the registration form on-line or in the registration area, the visitors give permission to IEC Moldexpo SA to process their personal data for building specialized databases, as well as to receive messages about upcoming exhibitions by e-mail.

The registration is closed on the day of the exhibition opening.

Register beforehand on the website of the exhibition. You will avoid the long wait at the entrance and will save time.

On-line registration

In order to make your visit to the exhibition more useful, we recommend you to plan the visit in advance. First of all, set a clear goal of your visit to the exhibition and make a plan, outlining what exactly you are looking for, what you should do first, etc.

Get acquainted in advance with the themes of the exhibition and with the exhibitors’ profile. On the exhibition website you will find the floor plan and detailed information about the exhibitors. If this information is not available on the site, don’t hesitate to contact the organizers.

List of exhibitions

Get acquainted in advance with the program of the exhibition and choose the events you are most interested in. Plan your time carefully to be able to take part in the business program and to also visit the stands. Arrange your business meetings in advance. Select the companies of interest to you, contact them, make an appointment and outline the topics of future discussions.

Find the map of access to the fairgrounds. Choose the most convenient for you means of transportation.

How to reach the fairgrounds

Get acquainted in advance with the map of MOLDEXPO fairgrounds and infrastructure. You can use a free parking lot, use a copier, send faxes, access the Internet etc. These services will enhance the efficiency of your visit.

Map of Moldexpo fairgrounds

Visit the exhibition with your colleagues. Establish an individual work plan and stands to visit for every employee of your company. Thus you will be able to significantly increase the number of business contacts and attend more activities.

Use the ground plan of the exhibition. The layout of the pavilion has the list of exhibitors and the floor plan indicating the location of stands. The Program of events at the exhibition can be obtained at the information desks at the entrance to the pavilions.

If you have any questions, don’t  hesitate to contact the exhibition organizers. They will help you to locate the company you are interested in, to get to the right stand or to reach the venue of an event.

Use the exhibition as a convenient place to meet not only the exhibitors, but also your customers, partners and colleagues.